Hussy's Fragrance Farm

A - D Fragrances

Adoring Cora
 Sugared- lemon chiffon and vanilla infused with an amazing Pink Rose petal and fluffy cream whip for a truly unique and sweet ambrosial scent.

Aloe I Love You! NEW!
 Juniper, aloe and night-blooming jasmine make up this sparkling scent, fresh and full of fragrant herbs with a dry-down of soft heliotrope and musk.  Aloe Amore'

Atomic Fruit Kabobs
 Changed to Sweet Jubilee

Bedazzle my Bloomers!
 Jasmine will put a sparkle in your slumber with stars of sweet watermelon to keep you smiling in your sleep until dawn!

Bluebell Estelle NEW!
 Vibrant Sapphire blossoms in a lush, shaded woodland. The beautiful delicate sweetness of dewy bluebells infused with lily of the valley, mesmerizing top notes of Luscious persimmon and green twigs; middle notes of melon with bottom notes of jasmine and musk.

Blue Peppermint Moon
 Blue Sugar with Twisted Peppermint with hints of strawberry, coconut and vanilla musk

Burnt the Dang Gingerbread Cookies
 Burnt brown sugar glazed over fresh gingerbread….a Pinterest Epic Fail…

Café Haus Soiree' NEW!
A late night Latte and a Starbucks rendezvous, opening notes of rich coffee mingle with sweet vanilla and cream.  Orange Blossom and a hint of Patch will have you snuggling up with him and your mug until closing time!

Cherry Big Gulp
 Cheek suckin' cherry pucker super slushie!

Chocolate Meilleure NEW!
 This Mystical Magical Pink Chocolate fragrance is created with Black Vetiver, Dark Chocolate and Dark Musk for a unique and exotic scent that is so fabulous

Counting Sheep
 You will encumber better slumber and drift off into Dreamland wearing our custom blend for Night Hussy.  Satuma and Sweet Oranges create of comfort cloud with Vanilla Lace, Neroli, Warm Spice Stars and a Ginger Milkyway.

Country Charmalade - Cranberry Apple Marmalade
 This is one of Hussy's favorite year-round sniffs!  This is a simply divine Sniff-festival of scents: Crisp adoring apples, fresh precious peaches, oranges, sugar and spiced cranberries and cinnamon, with bottom notes of black currant, cassis, clove and mcdreamy vanilla spice all jammed together in a jelly jar!

Country Road Apples
 This fruity fun fragrance is bursting with the sweet and tartness of ripe red apples (not really road apples).  A sniff to make you smile; it'll a-peel to young'ins and old farts alike!

County Fair Ayre
Strawberry Sugary Cotton Candy Cloud lifting up your senses and filling your heart with the joy of Summer and the excitement of the County Fair!!

CowHerd of the County
Nothing says true Country Charm like fragrant Lavender, creamy Vanilla and a soft musk breeze.
Cowlick Cream Puffs
 This fab, fun fragrance is one big scent SLURP of vanilla notes, sweet sugar cane, coconut milk, fresh creamy frosting and white musk.

 The first signs of summer, with cheerful chirps of sweet grapefruit, delicate honeysuckle, a warm crisp greenery blended with a soft musk.  Real summer yummer!
Crop Circles
 This scent is shrouded in mystery, clouded in a morning mist of cool citrus mint, soft florals and white musk, from a galaxy far far away! UFO.  Unidentified Fragrant Oil.
(hey where'd my cows go??)

Curled Up with the Cat binging Netflix
  This scent will bring cozy to your nosy!! This Sh*sh type for Yog Nog (OMG this smells sOOOOoooOOO good!), will keep you AND your cat sniffing for seconds!!  Sweet Caramellic top notes with Buttery Brown Sugar sprinkled over Strawberries, Holiday Spices, Cotton Candy and Vanilla Bean Musk……just one more

Déjà` Moooo (I feel like I've Heard this Bull Before) 
 A Citrusy Fruit S-MOOO-thie blend of grapefruit, lemons, key lime, fresh cucumbers, Jasmine, pineapples, blackberries and a splash of champagne. No repetitive, just sweet and familiar.

Don't Skinny Dip in the Snappin' Turtle Pond!
  Make sure that your goods are safely tucked away, if you dare to go bare in the ole' swimmin' hole! You're guaranteed to be bait, if anything catches a whiff of these dark cherry notes blended into a whirlpool of Jasmine, pink raspberries, brown sugar, cotton candy, white musk and splash of fresh cream.

E - K Fragrances

Etta Place NEW!
A Scent pastiche of exotic ginger lily, Not-from-Himalayan florals, Sweet Violet and Heliotrope with Ylang Ylang and citrus - sure to be on the Hussy Hit List for years to come

Ex's Make Good Mulch
 Most ex's belong in a compost pile where they can ferment, to bring out what little good there was in each them. This custom Farm Hussy blend actually transforms into mulch as you wear it!!  You first smell the fresh fall top notes of whiny sap apples, orange zest and clove, and hawthorn; the dry down becomes a most amazing infusion of crisp Autumn notes of leaves, vanilla and hay. Didn't you ALWAYS want them to leaf? (and remember, a new love only requires a really great fertilizer!)

F-5 Funnel Cake
 A furious F-5 sugar flurry of warm vanilla funnel cake topped with sweet powdered sugar, battened down with a blow-out-the-candles birthday cake and a Doppler of whipped cream on top, makes this scent a real cyclone cologne!!

Fireflies at Dusk
 Just like sitting on a front porch, watching the tiny colored lights dance above the grasses; take a deep breath of sweet olive, a little fresh, a little fruity, a little herbaceous and a lot of soothing  scent creation scensations.

Garden of Weedin' 
 A Xanadou of white florals, lily, gardenia with dreamy notes of orange and lemon supported by a trellis of soft green.

Gift Hog
 You are sure to be digging through the gift pile if your sniffer gets a  whiffer of this super sweet pink frosting on butter cookies, candied cherries and fruits, powdered sugar and candy sprinkles. The perfect gift that keeps on giving!

Grow a Pear NEW!
 Tell him to straighten up and grow a pear (lol) The sensuous freshness of ripe pears, wrapped in a bouquet of white freesias; mellowed by amber, patchouli and woods. Luscious and golden. Top notes of Ripe pears, California lemon, Italian bergamot; Middle notes of White freesia, silky rose, amber and bottom notes of Patchouli, rich woods, soft musk.

Gussied Up Hussy!
 Sassy and sultry, this scent potion is sexy and soft, but with a touch of mystery; notes of Sandalwood, Satsuma, Vanilla, Patchouli, and Tea Rose. This Hussy is going to town - no more egg and daughter days for her!

Heart Line to Cloud 9 NEW!
  This amorous and adoring aura of almond flower, white iris & whipped vanilla -top notes of Sparkling Persimmon, Winter Water Lily, Pear Blossom; middle notes of Almond Flower, Coconut Crème, and Jasmine Petal-bottom notes of Whipped Vanilla Bourbon, Fluffy Sandalwood, and a Cloud-Like Musk for a Silver Lining Scent to start your Spring off right.

Heaven Scent
 Heavenly notes of sweet amber blessed with citrus accord that's just good scents.

Heavy Petting NEW!
 Dark and earthy, fresh and sweet... This scent is the perfect infusion of masculine and feminine. Smoky wood notes complete this scent inspired by traditional Nepalese temples.   Hot and heavy breath of neroli, sandalwood, virginia cedar, incense, amalfi lemon, melon, rose, ylang-ylang, vetiver, grapefruit, black pepper and juniper. The end note in soap is that of sweet and smoky incense unlike any other you've smelled. (Sh*sh Breath of God type.)

Hippie Hussy
 Lovin' everyone under the sun is your motto.  Fresh cut lavender infused with patchouli, sandalwood, ylang, amber, violets and powdery tonka notes create your themed summer scent to turn your livestock into Woodstock!

Hoity Toity Hussy NEW!
 Snubbery-Snobbery-Uptown Hussies command your attention with Warm Vanilla, black peppercorn,  Patchouli, Sandalwood and Vetiver….she's only just begun to toy with your emoticons… (Sh*sh Lords of Misrule type)

L - R Fragrances

Last Straw
 He'll be begging for one more smell this sexy fragrance is an alluring blend of sandalwood; French vanilla ice cream, sweet musk and amber for a fun and stunning scent sundae.

Lavender Mallow Moon Pie
A creation sensation from our very own Hussy Cora! This scent has her nose of approval - with a rockin' lavender.

Less is More...Unless it's Love
 This Goddess type scent is an amazing citrus blend with exotic florals and heavy musk notes, jasmine, lavender patchouli and sandalwood, Hussies demand more!

Lilac Your Life Depends on It
 Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows with Lilac Lemondrops to bring the bright back to your gloomy day!  Okay tell the truth, you love it too!

Listen to What I Say!!
This whisper of a bakery blend that mixes almonds and warm hazelnuts with a buttery pie crust is fragrantly filled with rich vanilla pudding that will command your attention!

Lola Wilding NEW!
 Lola is a Flower Festival of Fragrance and Spice!

Lusty Musk NEW!
 Hot breath of Oriental Spices, dark musk and a dusting of baby powder

Marshmallow Wallow
 Your nose won't mind wallowing in this mile-high pile of sweet sweet ooey gooey marshallow pillows. 

Mermaid Lemonade
 Warm ocean breezes with sweet swells of ylang ylang and tropical guava, fresh peaches and a spritz of Lemon Blush for a tart start for your Summer Hussy heart!
Milk Maid
 This rich, warm and sweet sugar milk fragrance is churned with toffee, fresh milk, sugar, vanilla and kissed with a lick of sandalwood. (a Comptore Matin Calin type scent)

Morning Dove on the Window Sill NEW!
 A Delightful soft scent of Earl Gray Tea with a burst of Bergamot and cool, crisp Cucumber with notes of beeswax, vanilla and musk. (Jo Malone type)

Muskrat Farts
 A top-selling Summer scent of fresh grapefruit, passionfruit melons and a big splash of blood orange for a funtastic citrus fest!
       * we really don't know what Muskrat Farts smell like and no one wanted to find out…

Never Promised You a Rose Garden NEW!
 Crème' de Armand blended with Soft Pink Roses and a Maraschino Cherry on Top  

One Night with a Rodeo Clown
 A Philosophee type scent "Falling in Love".  Sure, we've all been there.  Waking up with pancake makeup memories smeared all over your pillow, red balls on the floor...and all that you're wearing is a big clown tie and a smile.  Is that a tear of regret in the corner of your bloodshot eyes?? No, only a glisten of hope that he'll come around while the Rodeo's in town and it'll be your turn to wear the barrel...

Ostara's Saffron Noir
 Late blooming peony brings a floral heart to this fragrance, while Red Saffron and Pomegranate breathes life into a bold scent of the Autumn Solstice, with base notes of dark patchouli and spicy woods

(Out) Like a Lamb
 This scent ROARS Spring! Well, actually it's more of a gentle lamb of a fragrance, but I am loving it! Crushed Almonds and Sweet Cherries are bathed in rich tones of toasted coconut, drifting on a confectionery cloud of of creamed sugar and vanilla bean dream.

Painted Lady NEW!
Ruby Red Lipstick and a double-laced garter to strap in my .22, and I'll be keeping my eye on you all night long….Blooming Night Jasmine with Pikaki florals, Ylang Ylang and Madagascar, Carnation and Tuberose, White Musk and a shot of Vanilla Absolute for a bold and dangerous fragrance.

Parlor Games NEW!
 This sensual fruity, floral fragrance has notes of coconut, lily, lavender, and jasmine with a base of musk and woods. Come on! Chase me around the ottoman one more time! (Sh*sh Sex Bomb type)

Peony Lane
 Charming floral of Peony blush, a bite of juicy red apple, jasmine and soft pink roses with a soft suede finish creates a lovely delicate floral fantasy.

Pig Out! Peppermint Cake
  Oh, if only this were edible…Italian Creme Cake batter with peppermint white chocolate chips, gooey marshmallow whip with a buttermint cream cheese frosting, a truly decadent scent.

Pink Sunflowers
 This sparkling pink bouquet is a bountiful blend of night blooming jasmine, cream rose and pink azalea, white gardenia all tied together with a French vanilla and lavender bow. 
Prairie Princess
Super sexy scent with orchard blossoms, floral-rosy-jasmine with ginger, Black Lavender, a splash of Patchouli, Lemon Verbena and a strong White Musk.
Razzle my Berries! NEW!
 A Dazzling berrylicious basket of peaches, cherries, grapes and more galore!

Rockabilly Hussy NEW!
 White Roses and Pink Carnations come together for a mad rumble of Warm Ambers, Oriental Sandalwood, Vetiver, Egyptian Musk with a Smack of Patchouli.

Rose Colored Glasses
  This Sh*sh Rose Jam type fragrance is a fantastical frivolity of velvety florals, fresh citrus, strawberries and cream.

S - Z Fragrances

Sanguinella Moonshadows
 Blood Orange Moon with fiery Patchouli cast shadows down upon the dark night.

Serendipitous Priss NEW!
Fresh floral with soft musk and a snub of wild ginger for a pretentious spice to add to your sugar and everything nice (Sh*sh Sultana type)

Sissy's Kettlecorn
 This scent will sway those who swear to not like "foody" scents!  It will melt your "no no no's" in your no-no-nose and turn your heart into butter!  It's Sissy sweet, salty and absolutely AROMAGIC in a sniff!  You'll only be sorry you didn't buy more.

Snuggle Bug
 This SH*sh Comforter type that carries notes of vanilla, fresh orange and bergamot and a hint of mint that is a real Scent Hug for your senses.

SourPuss NEW!
 This cheek sucker pucker sour smells just like Sour Patch candies, it's AWESOME!!

Starlight - Starbright
  This Twilight delight is a dangerous and intoxicating bouquet of sweet sugared vanilla, after-dusk musk, eucalyptus, lavender and lilac, one whiff and you will be doing the "Got a get a fit-bit" Walk of Shame come sunrise. (SH*sh Twilight type)

Strawberry Fields for Heifer
 This forever fruity fragrance is a Field of Cream (vanilla) enriched with fresh orange blossom, tart cranberries, mulberry and blackberries blended together with a super-smoothie strawberry scent!

Strawberry Shortcake
 Added from our Soda Heart Breaks Collection, Hussies swear this reminds them of our Strawberry Shortcake dolls; Strawberry sugar bubbles tingled together with fresh raspberry and peach notes with a vanilla musk bow that will give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Sugar Berry Blossom NEW!
 This lip-smackin' jam tart is made up of sugared wild blackberries, Sweet Violets and a sugar musk dry down for a truly divine scent dessert

Sugar Donuts Dream Clouds
 Cinnamon sugared donuts with sweet dreams sprinkles and a pillow of Baby Powder for blissful slumber.

Sugar Violet Riot
 Cambrian Bergamot and Violets collide at this concert of floral and Garden Party Sugared Crumpet notes trumpet with a Spectacular Scent Crescendo!!

Summer Coquette
   A truly vivacious blend of honeysuckle, orange flower, roses, iris with bergamot, neroli and white musk.  Caramelized vanilla sugars with a hint of marshmallow create a sensual fragrance, leaving you dreaming of steamy Summer days!

Sweater Weather
  White Tea & ginger snuggled up with sweet milk & honey, a curl of White Patchouli and cuddle of soft Musk, it's a stay-in kinda comfort scent.

Sweet Jubilee (aka Atomic Fruit Kabobs)
 This amazing fruit fragrance really packs a punch!  All of your favorite fruits skewered together for the best scentfest your nose has ever known!

This Little Piggie Luvs Pink Sugar 
Aquolina type carries notes of pink cotton candy, sweet lemon drops, raspberries, fig leaves, caramel, Sicilian orange,  Lily of the Valley, and vanilla musk. Romantical, ticklish and fun.

Total Bettie NEW!
 Bold Citrus, Luxurious Cashmere and Warm Sandalwood (Lolita Lempicka type)

Twilight's Mystique
 Lemon Verbena and Bitter Orange Blossom Neroli create an aura of wonderment and mystery, surrounding a secluded garden of Night-Blooming Jasmine, Lavender and Lilac.

Urban Heroine NEW!
Unique Feminine blend of light citrus and floral with heavy musk notes. An accord of jasmine, lavender patchouli and sandalwood scent crescendo to sweep in and save the day!

Venomous Rose (aka Pernicious Kisses)
 Thorns of the Gypsy Rose, a cloak of Black Cashmere and a bite of Vetiver makes for a truly lethal perennial

Villainess Transgressions (aka Ms. Behavin')
 We all transgress when scorned, beware of a Hussy's Wrath, with spells of Tonka Bean Absolute essentials and Sweet Vanilla Bourbon - Smell hath no Fury!

Warm Summer Winds
 Wonderfully warm bergamot, lime and grapefruit enchanted with sweet coconuts drifting over a sea breeze of passionfruit and soft vanilla musk.

What the Cluck??!!
 This Sh*sh Rock Star type fragrance is a wild and unique scent new to The Barnyard! Vanilla is harnessed with fresh, ripe strawberries and surrounded by a stampede of violet and jasmine for an untamed scent you will love without question!!

White Raven's Roost
 White Pumpkin and Lilac sprinkled with a tiny spell of apple, roses, bergamot and Neroli - a true scent Spirit for the Season.

Wildflower Nirvana  NEW!
 Sunshine and Wildflowers with fickle tickles on your nose with plush petals of Plumeria, Rose, Jasmine, Gardenia and Soft Pink Musk.

Winter Grapefruit
 A very crisp Grapefruit with watery greens, white musk and Vetiver.  The most amazing Grapefruit blend in the history of the worl

Z End of Z List
Hopefully there is no particular aroma associated with Z End !